Nira Architects is a Toronto-based practice with diverse international body of work including cultural, residential, commercial, leisure and civic projects as well as master planning exercises. We believe each project’s success should be measured based on the level of contribution to public realmclient’s/occupants’ needs and design excellence and our mission is celebrating civic generosity in design and enriching and supporting public life. This belief motivated Kamyar Khozeimeh, who originally established Nira Architects in Tehran-Iran in 2005, to go back to school and study another Master’s degree in Urban Design in University of Toronto to study strategic approach to city building and also investigate solutions in practice to maintain design excellence as well as business acumen within projects’ challenges like tight schedule and/or budget and approval process. Since then, Toronto became new home to Nira Architects promoting this commitment to design quality vision with interesting ongoing projects in Canada as well as international projects in Iran and Unites States.

Nira Architects Inc is registered with the Ontario Association of Architects.